Recent Projects

No Exposure (2018)

No Exposure Poster Alt 230220

No Exposure (2019) is about Ben, a young man with a camera who is trying to do whatever he can to fund himself as a full-time carer. Shooting low budget music videos for grime artists is the closest thing to an available job and so he sets about making K-van, an aspiring rapper, a music video with his collaborators Bubzy & Jor. Ben has to endure a lively group of guys in order to get everything he needs, but it quickly becomes apparent that while K-Van and crew have similar backgrounds, they couldn’t be more different. No Exposure was recently nominated for ‘Best Short’ at the British Urban Film Festival 2019 and also received a 5 star review from UK Film Review (link below).

Swing (2019)

Swing Theatrical Poster

Swing (2019) is a black comedy drama that follows an elderly lady named Cynthia, who’s husband (Barry) has left her to do the gardening alone all day in favour of listening to jazz music. She’s not happy. What makes things worse is her clingy neighbour Jill attempting to initiate an overly long conversation. In an effort to escape, Cynthia heads inside to give Barry an earful, but what she finds turns her life upside down. From here Cynthia goes on an intimate journey of emotional discovery and rediscovery, as she learns to confront her own feelings and remembers an intensity of love that has been eroded by time. Swing is currently awaiting selection from film festivals.

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